CRM for Government Agencies and Other Federal Groups

Strengthening Relationships with Superior Service

Whether your agency interacts directly with citizens, the business community or other government entities, customer satisfaction starts with a seamless, consistent experience and quality interactions across all public-facing touch points and service channels. Customer relationship management, or CRM, is about improving that experience in ways that meet and exceed public expectations and fulfill agency objectives.

Infinitive Federal’s CRM services help Federal agencies select, design and execute effective strategy, processes and technology for improving customer experience and reducing operational cost. Whether it is improving service to citizens, public entities, other agencies or businesses, Infinitive Federal helps you identity the right measurement goals and architect the right processes and technologies to deliver superior service levels and more efficient processes.

Strategy & Alignment: At Infinitive Federal, we help our clients evolve their understanding of constituent expectations, needs and preferences. And we design interactions to meet customers where they are – aligning and maturing organizations to deliver high-value experiences.

  • Customer Analysis, Valuation and Segmentation
  • CRM Initiative Strategy and Measurement Programs
  • Requirements Definition Tool Fit and CRM Roadmap

Solution Architecture: Infinitive Federal works with Federal clients to identify the best enabling technologies to create the right experiences in the right channels at the right time. Infinitive’s deep understanding of solution providers and our independent position allow us to formulate technology architectures that match agency needs. Once the right solution is selected, we manage technology implementations and data integrations so that investments deliver optimal returns.

  • Customer Service Process and Technology Architecture
  • Multi-Channel Integration
  • Independent Technology Evaluation & Selection

Service Transformation: Infinitive Federal helps improve contact center performance by optimizing people, process, data and technology investments. Whether it is designing and implementing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions or building quality management processes, Infinitive ensures that strong CRM visions become reality and breakthrough performance gains are achieved.

  • Contact Center Design & Effectiveness
  • Self-Service Strategy & Design
  • Customer Service Process and Technology Design
  • End-to-end Implementation of Customer Service Initiatives